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Indonesian Exporter of Live Ornamental Fish

We Provide Various type of Live Ornamental Fish in Great condition

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We Provide Great Quality Of Live Ornmental Fish

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The tetras

We have wide range collection of tetras, from natural breed and tank breed. All of them available in various size and color. Feel free to contact us to get more detail about this fish availability.

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We have succeded in breeding various type of cichlidae sustainably. Feel free to drop an email on us, to get more information about what types and sizes are available .

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Killie fish

The killie fish is known for its cuteness. The fish is very popular to our East European market. We have wide range of type for this fish, in various color and size available.

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All about CV. Indotropis Aquarium

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Farm site

We have clean and healthy farm site facility, which capable of keeping various type of live ornamental fish in large number.

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We also have wide range of type for Invertebrates. And we have it ready in various species. Just drop your email to us to see what we have.

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Natural Clown Loach breeding project

We have sustainable stock for this seasonal fish. It's because we have our own natural breeding site for this endemic fish.

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We measured size seriously. If our costumer did not satisfied with the size information's whiche we provide in our stocklist, we will measured them directly, and take a picture of it, and send it to them.