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Dear Costumers, since of our free website were frozen by their administrator. We decided to relocate all of our information related with our company were moved to our official site.

www.indotropisaquarium.webs.com was no longer active, as the replacement, we have new fresh www.indotropis-aquarium.com as your source of information about us. But, our office and everything about us is remain the same.

Here is our office address:

Jl. irigasi 52, jatibening, West-Bekasi.
Bekasi, Jawa Barat. Indonesia, 14460.

MOBILE  : 62 82299570809
DESK       : 62 21 99890631
FAX         : 6221 86723082
EMAIL    : indotropaq@gmail.com

Anyway, currently we have plenty of ready stock available for you to have. Feel free to contact us to get clear information about our live ornamental fish stock.