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Terms and Conditions

All prices quoted are in US Dollars ( F.O.B and CNF) per unit.
Shipment arrival dates will be booked according to your request for the possible days where flight is
available. Sending of shipment will be upon confirmation by the carrier used.
We must receive customer order at least 5 days before the shipment proceed.
During the period of time, we might be sending up-to-date stock list to customer. If customer wants
to have additional order, we need to receive the request before 48 hours of the shipment departure.
Upon selection and completion of the conditioning processes, fish are packed with double plastics
bags in white Styrofoam boxes.
Dimensions of Boxes
Length x Breadth x Height 59cm x 42cm x 30cm (4 bags, approx 15kgs)
The above dimensions are applicable to boxes for the packing of freshwater items.
Length x Breadth x Height 75cm x 42cm x 32 cm (6 bags, approx 20kgs)
The above dimensions are applicable to boxes for the packing of marine items.
Length x Breadth x Height 50 x 36 x 24 cm
The above dimensions are applicable for the packing of aquatic plants.
Packing charges
Fresh water items: USD 9.00 per box
Marine Items: USD 9.00 per box
Plants: USD 7 per box
Reptile: USD 50.00 per box
Handling charges
Fresh Water: USD 125.00 per shipment
Invertebrates (Coral): USD 150.00 per shipment
Plants: USD 125.00 per shipment
Health Certificate (Fish)
Phytosanitary Certificate (Plants)
Certificate of Origin (CoO)
Air Way Bill (AWB)
Sales Invoice
Other documents are required
All documents will be faxed/emailed after shipment departed from Jakarta airport.
Any documents or procedures are required by the customs or other authorities in your country
communicated to us prior to the shipment, in obtain the necessary documents or complete the
required procedures to avoid unnecessary delays/refusal of entry when shipment arrives.
For Marine items please inform us and the latest stocklist of marine fish and invertebrate will be
faxed/ emailed to you. Marine items are based on the stocklist for the best possible fulfillment
to orders received.
For Invertebrates items minimum order is USD 2.500/shipment.
CITES permit will take1-2 weeks time to obtained (certain country might not need CITES permit).
Invertebrates shipment will have different handling and AWB from fish and plants.
We accept full payment in advance via telegraphic transfer. Shipment will be sent upon receipt of
the transferred banks. A copy of the payment from your paying bank is needed for executing
the shipment order.
Freight will be prepaid and should be included together during payment for the shipment.
Please send your payment in US Dollars via telegraphic transfer.